Animal Production System- Beef Essay

Animal Production System- Beef Essay

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This assignment is my own work, presented in my own words, ALL sources of information have been cited and any direct quotations are contained within quotation marks.

Production from an autumn calving herd of Limousin x Friesian cows that were mated to Charolais bulls.
WEIGHT Average-D-Gain
Sire 1 Female 38 239.2 0.85
Sire 2 Female 48 204.1 1.54
Sire 3 Female 39 286.1 1.12

WEIGHT Average-D-Gain
Sire 1 Male 39 255.8 0.98

Sire 2 Male 43 219.7 0.77
Sire 3 Male 38 362.2 1.29

The change of climate and weather .The heredity and genetics of breed can be carried within the genes which can lead to barrenness, but some are genetically infertile. The birth weight was better and the June weight, but the average daily gain was not good due to harsh conditions they faced during winter, because of dry matter feed, wind, cold and lack of natural minerals as well as stress and cold water. The age, climate, metritis disease and poor management can also lead to barrenness. Genetic mutations can be part of infertility if produced, as well as embryo abnormality. All these lethal factors can cause barrenness in Holstein-Friesian cows. The body weight determines puberty and poor nutrition causes irregular cycles in cows and reduces ovulation, pregnancy toxaemia and weak offspring .The cow’s physical size can affect the ability of mating ,foetus carrying , during birth to offspring. Cows are polyoestrous animals, their calves are born at the time, giving them the best chance of survival.
The high summer temperatures is a major cause of poor quality semen formation in bulls and reduces sexual activities, as well as th...

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...tosis and lactic acidosis is caused by mismanagement of nutrition to cows.=1500

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