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Plants, animals, bacteria, us humans, and every other living thing on this planet have specific traits passed on from its parent or parents. This process is known as hereditary- inheritance of traits from parent to offspring. Scientists study hereditary to understand what makes each organism unique. This is known as genetics. Genetics, just like traits, are passed on from parent to offspring. A trait is a specific characteristic of a living thing such as color, height, weight, muscle strength, etc. However, not all traits are the same for each offspring. For instance, if there are two offspring’s, the second offspring born might not have genetically identical traits as its brother or sister, the first offspring. Traits vary from person to person.
You need certain characteristics and/or traits to play each sport. For example, speed for track and field, muscle strength for wrestling, flexibility for gymnastics, etc. Most of the time, these traits come from the athletes' parents. One may have the genetic potential for becoming a champion athlete. But, one with a small amount of genetic...
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