Essay on Animal Experimentation Should Be Replaced by Computer Simulations

Essay on Animal Experimentation Should Be Replaced by Computer Simulations

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Imagine being a helpless animal: scared and hungry, in a metal box crammed with angry strangers. Now imagine being poked, prodded, and cut with the roughest grip. The pain and confusion is unbearable, while the humans are showing no sympathy. All of the pain and suffering is caused because they want to enhance the way they look. Animal testing has been around and used for centuries, but the human race has advanced extremely in science since that time, so there is no logical reason to continue the testing of animals. Animal experimentation should be eliminated because animals have feelings, the experiments are inhumane, the results are unreliable, it is wasting tax money, and there are better methods than having to test on animals.
Animals have feelings and show emotion, unlike many of the scientists who experiment on them. Animals have emotions and have the ability to show empathy towards other animals. Chandna reports, “In one notoriously cruel experiment, macaque monkeys were given food only if they pulled a chain that electrically shocked another monkey. Nearly all the monkeys preferred to go hungry, and one macaque went without food for 12 days rather than cause pain to another” (Chandna). This undoubtedly demonstrates the ability of an animal to show feelings and empathy towards another, even if the outcome is the animal itself suffering. Many humans would react the same way in a similar situation. In a different experiment rats would be offered a treat for themselves while another rat was confined, but instead of eating the reward they would free the other rat and share the treat with them (Chandna). It is not surprising that the rat would share their treat due to them being extremely social animals who “become emotionally ...

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