Animal Experimentation For Cosmetics Is Unethical Essay

Animal Experimentation For Cosmetics Is Unethical Essay

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While it is generally agreed upon that animal experimentation for cosmetics is unethical, the act of testing animals for medical research poses a complex scientific and moral dilemma. Animal research has been used in producing treatments for cancer, antibiotics for infections, vaccines for viruses, and surgeries for injuries and deformities. However, this doesn’t resolve the unease many feel when imagining the suffering that countless animals have endured for our benefit. To come to a practical solution for animal testing, we must consider the benefits of this practice to our health as well as the detrimental effects on animals.
The main reason that medicines are tested on animals is for scientists to discover any harmful effects that these medicines may have before they are given to humans. Even though this may hurt, or even kill the animals, this is an important step. The alternatives to this practice would be continued ignorance about the effects of a certain medication or risky medicines being regularly tested on humans. Both of these outcomes would be extremely undesirable and may even cause more harm than what would come from originally using animals for testing.
Another major benefit of animal testing is demonstrated from the numerous, lifesaving medications produced from it. According to Pro-Test, an organization advocating for animal testing, vaccines for tetanus, rubella, anthrax, and rabies were all produced using animal testing. Scientists were able to create these, because they gained the ability to distinguish where the genomic sequences of humans and animals are identical, and where they differ. As a result, scientists have realized “that there are much more similarities between humans and animals than there are dif...

... middle of paper ... certain situations. Animal research is very pricey to conduct because the researchers are responsible for feeding, housing, and providing trained animal welfare technicians and veterinarians for the animals. It has been observed that even though alternative methods tend to be cheaper, researchers still opt for animal testing. This is a testament for the current value of animal testing because “academic researchers (who compete for limited available funds) and pharmaceutical companies (who are profit-seeking) will prefer to use these cheaper replacements wherever possible.” (Hunnicut)
Since we do not have enough alternative options to replace animal testing altogether, we should utilize the options we do have to reduce the testing we have to do on animals. In the meantime, we should also try to lessen the side-effects that the animals undergo in necessary testing.

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