Animal Experimentation And Its Effect On Society Essay

Animal Experimentation And Its Effect On Society Essay

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In modern society, animal experimentation has triggered a controversy; consequently, vast amount of protests have been initiated by the animal rights community. Although these organizations have successfully broadcasted their concerns toward animal experimentation, its application continues to survive. Sally Driscoll and Laura Finley inform that there remain fifty million to one-hundred million animals that experience testing or experimentation throughout the world on a yearly basis. But despite opposition, animal experimentation, the use of experiments on animals in order to observe the effects an unknown substance has on living creatures, serves multiple purposes. Those particular purposes are: research of the living body, the testing of products, and the advancement of medicine.
First, a main ambition of animal experimentation is research on a living individual. Curious about the “mechanics of life,” humans research the behaviors of unfamiliar organisms and dissect animals to generate previously unknown data (Driscoll and Finley). Although originally performed on animals, there exists the possibility that the information gathered from an experiment can be transferred to the human body or any living creature with a similar body structure.
Furthermore, research may be the most common purpose of animal experimentation because a majority of those who perform such experiments are unaware of the fact that the act they are committing is categorized as an animal experiment. Executed most notably in schools, the dissection of frogs is a frequently practiced example of research experiments. While this purpose of experiment is not necessarily completed in order to discover new or groundbreaking information because the dissection of frog...

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...Department of Agriculture in Raleigh, North Carolina. The paragraph titled “Animal pain and distress in testing” states that there is in fact use of chemicals on animals in order to observe the harmful effects. Additionally, I will use Stokes lists of the species of animals who receive such experiments as well as several of his statistics.
Webster, John. “Ethical and Animal Welfare Consideration in Relation to Species selection for Animal Experimentation.” Animals 3 December 2014: 13. Academic Search Premier. Web. 14 February 2016.
John Webster, an emeritus professor from University of Bristol, specializes in animal husbandry, the science of breeding animals. He was rewarded for his work with the Universities Federation of Animal Welfare Medal in 2013. Webster’s article includes a statement that animal are in fact tested on with certain products which may cause harm.

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