Andrew Larson 's The Student 's ' Ten Commandments ' Essay

Andrew Larson 's The Student 's ' Ten Commandments ' Essay

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Concerning the nature of myths, one can often find that they are built on broad generalization lacking the premises necessary to make a solid conclusion. Such was the same myths, Pier Larson sought to disprove in his essay “The Student’s ‘Ten Commandments’.” Larson discuss damaging and caustic stereotypes that have worked their way throughout history to create a narrative that often subordinates Blacks when promulgated by a more affluent European society . One myth in particular appears to be quite troubling for its contradictory nature-that being the myth: all Africans are Black. Additionally, to be African is to be Black, Africans are not culturally diverse, and that Africans share one, essentially unified culture. Not only do I find these troubling for their outright abasement of African culture, which is plain to see, but rather for the duplicitous logic that lead to the creation of such myths, and why they remain so harmful when they are continued to be spread in contemporary.
First, their needs to be some degree of plainly debunking this myth. To which, Larson cautions, would require a change in mindset, as “The majority of Africans have skin colors which in the United States, operating under the "one drop" rule, would be classified as "black." However, precisely that is where the first ‘debunking’ occurs. Larson discusses how that view is problematic because the African people don’t necessarily see race in that context. Rather, they focus on small details concerning slight variations in skin pigments and hair type to create a variety of sub-races and cultures, which they find vastly different amongst themselves. This first view can come across as misleading simply because of an egocentric worldview throughout Western cu...

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... intentional narrative spun against the success of the collective continent.
That leaves us with the myth, broken and jaded. While it is not wrong to say that Africans are Black and to be African is Black, there is no indication the continent has become void of all culture. The damage of the myth lies in the very lexicon, that Black is used in a derogatory sense. That to be Black means that individuality and diversity are lost. But the history of Africa will show us otherwise. Cultures mixing, influxes of ideas and migrations of vastly different cultures flowing with zealous religious practices and harmonious linguistic structures, that is to say the ‘real’ Africa. Myths like these are dangers because they become promulgated throughout worldview, clouding the reality, and forever holding back the truest form of the subject. To that end, Africa will never be the same.

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