Essay on Ancient Greece And Ancient Greek Mythology

Essay on Ancient Greece And Ancient Greek Mythology

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The modern world has been shaped by the rise and fall of many different civilizations. Many scholars would argue that both the cultures of ancient Greece and ancient Rome have had a strong effect on modern life, particularly in Europe and North America. However, Ancient Greek culture has had a greater impact on modern life than ancient Roman culture. The ancient Greeks created a bounty of stories and concepts that are still referenced today. A few of these include the extensive Greek mythology, also used in the entertainment industry, detailed architecture that is seen on countless high-profile buildings, and the prestigious Olympic Games, which serves as an international unifier. Opposers would say that ancient Roman architecture was so grand that their culture should be considered more impactful on the modern world, however, the Romans heavily borrowed from Greece’s architectural ideas including the style of columns.
Ancient Greek mythology has had an enormous impact on the world since the spread of Hellenization. The renowned mythology of ancient Greece has inspired authors and artists throughout the centuries, creating stories, poems, artwork, and sculptures that pull names and ideas from the ancient myths. Buxton says in The Complete World of Greek Mythology, “From Spenser and Shakespeare to Milton and Racine, from Botticelli and Titian to Rubens and Rembrandt, the greatest writers and artists between the 15th and 17th centuries expressed themselves through a creative engagement with the classical myths” (230). Some of the most well known paintings of this time period include Birth of Venus by Botticelli in c.1486, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus by Pieter Bruegel the Elder in c.1567, Venus and Adonis by Titian in c.15...

... middle of paper ... because the Greek culture inspired Rome itself. In actuality, the Romans took ideas from ancient Greece and used them to create their own architectural style. Many of the fundamentals of Roman architecture are based upon Greek styles and construction. For example, the world renown Roman Colosseum features all three of the Greek architectural orders: Ionic Doric, and Corinthian columns. In the beginning of the Roman Empire, instead of creating their own forms of art, the Romans just made reproductions of famous greek sculptures.
Overall, not just in architecture, the impact of the Roman culture pales in comparison to ancient Greece. References to ancient Greek culture are all around the modern world. Whether it be going to the movies or reading a book, viewing city structures, or gathering to support one’s country, ancient greek culture is alluded to in many ways.

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