Ancient Egypt : Location And Nile Essay

Ancient Egypt : Location And Nile Essay

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Location and Nile
Egypt is situated in the Nile valley in the north east of Africa. Ancient Egypt included two regions a southern region, and northern region. The southern region is called Upper Egypt, and the northern region was called Lower Egypt. The life around Ancient Egypt centers on the Nile River and the fertile land around the banks of the river. Farmers created an irrigation system to control the water flow, so the crops can grow in both the rainy and dry seasons. This irrigation system made a surplus in crops.
Egyptians worshiped many gods and goddesses. Some of the gods they worshiped were Ra the sun god, Isis the god of nature and magic, Horus the god of war and Osiris the god of the dead. The act of worshiping many gods is called polytheism. The Egyptians had a god for almost everything. People wore amulets to protect from evil forces. They also mummified bodies because they thought preserving the bodies would help them in the afterlife the afterlife is life after death. They didn’t only preserve the bodies for the afterlife but they also put stuff in the tomb such as jewelry and other things to enjoy while people were in the afterlife.
Economy and Society
As with all pre-industrial civilizations, ancient Egypt’s economy was based on agriculture the majority of the people there were farmers, and peasants. Because of the fertile nature of the Nile valley farmers were able to produce a large surplus to fit the needs of the pharaoh, his court, his officials, the priest and all the other people of the elite or rather higher up in power.
Agriculture- farming in Egypt was completely depended on the Nile River. If you were to go a couple miles farther away from the Nile River you would see nothing but bone dry d...

... middle of paper ...

...t of honey raw meat onions garlic linin opium. They were able to fix broken arms wounds cuts and more their medicine was known as the best of the best they needed medicine because of the Nile River why? Well there were a lot of waterborne diseases because of the Nile such as malaria.

In conclusion ancient Egypt was a place of order and sophistication they had somewhat fair laws that we follow today. Their medicine technology economy society and writing was just the beginning of what we have today. The ancient Egyptians set the bar high and gave us the ideas on some of the technology and medicine we have today. The ancient Egyptians story was by far the most interesting section that we had studied at least for me I cannot wait to see what else the history of us humans has in store. Hopefully you enjoyed this paper on the ancient society of the Egyptians

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