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"Chorus in Greek Theater." Encyclopedia of Ancient Literature, Second Edition. Facts On File, 2014. Ancient and Medieval History Online. Web. 16 Nov. 2015. A typical chorus is a group of singers usually performing with an orchestra, and is refer to by most people in modern day time as a choir. In Ancient Greek a chorus is usually consist of a group of men who would sang and danced. According to Facts On File “s Greek theater had its origins in religious liturgy, the chorus also sprang from associated ritual occasions and participated in both tragic and comic performances.” Greek theater can be compared the most to opera because of the characteristic that it holds. The choral parts were chanted then followed by danced with either half or the entire chorus participating. The main purpose of the chorus was to clarified matters and to represent the public reaction to the events. The chorus is led by a leader and was sang by the members either a single actor, the leader, whole chorus in unison or halves of the chorus. The goals of the chorus were to sing and dance a strophe and an antistrophe. This part of the chorus was considered to be verses. According to Facts On File “As they sang the strophe, the choristers danced to the right of stage for two verses, as they sang the antistrophe, they danced back to their customary location.” As the actors on the Greek stage increased the importance of the chorus diminished. Comedy and tragedy both represented features of a chorus as well as plays of Menander. Unlike comedy, tragedy choral songs represent the public responses and to also centered the message of the play in the final song. Some citizen are honor to pay the wages of chorus members unlike Athenian citizens who vied to be selected. ...

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...clear whether women, even female citizens, were allowed to attend).” With both types of theater women parts were played by men. It is said and undetermined whether females were able to view the theater performances. Both tragedy and comedy performances were judge by officials. Choral singers were the main entertainer for theater and public festivals. Over time the Greeks change their performances by removing themselves from the group and individually reciting their roles. “The Goat Song” was the new Athenian art. This style became official at the important Athenian spring time festival. According to Sakes “Comedy employed a chorus of 24 members; tragedy used 12 at first, later 15.” Theater have not change much in the modern day, because most performances that are perform are related to the ancient Greek period where they repeat events or other plays that were made.

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