Analyzing The General Public 's Use Of The Internet Essay

Analyzing The General Public 's Use Of The Internet Essay

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Determining if the Internet can be addictive, different studies have been conducted to evaluate the general public’s use of the Internet. There is a number of addictions that can develop using the Internet such as gaming, pornography, shopping, gambling and social networking. To determine what addiction is worse is depending on the person’s living situations including house hold income, marital status, job status, and social status. Many different research methods have been used to determine if there is such an addiction to the Internet. Such studies that have been conducted are studies that have been self-reporting by voluntary questionnaires.
Voluntary questionnaires such as the Compulsive Internet Use Scale (CIUS) that uses a 14 question Likert scale that accesses substances and pathological addiction symptoms geared toward internet compulsion. The Wolfling, Muller and Beutel’s assessment for Internet and Computer Game Addiction Scale (AICA-S) was initial used in clinical settings that become a self-reporting questionnaire. This study measures Internet usage by the age, applications visited, and frequency. (Kuss, Shorter, Rooij, Griffiths, & Schoenmakers, 2013 ). Other research methods of testing have been done by patients seeking help with other pathological compulsive disorders. One such study that was used was the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale – 11 (BIS-11) was developed to measure personality and behaviors in impulsivity. Other tests such as the Go-Stop impulsivity paradigm is used to help with the classification of Internet addiction and the severity. This is a type of study that will use go and stop prompts and evaluations of people’s reaction to the prompts. The Young’s Internet Addiction test is another test that uses a ...

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...isorders with the ability to hide their true identity. The people who also do find that these attractions on the internet are also putting the family’s at risk. The compulsive gambler is putting his family at risk by financial drawbacks, as the person with an Internet porn addiction is isolating his real emotions away from his loved ones. Both of these addictions are treatable through clinical counseling, family counseling, individual counseling and group therapies.
Conclusions of the a study that was conducted by Gunuc (2015) concluded that when people are withdrawing themselves from normal family functions and spending a large amounts of time on-line doing various things such as gaming, gambling, and social networking. There should be some form monitoring and evaluation of behavioral patterns that could prevent them from developing future addictions (Gunuc, 2015 )

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