Analysis on the benefits of Private Accounting Essay

Analysis on the benefits of Private Accounting Essay

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This study aims to know the different benefits that Private Accounting can give. The expected results for this study are the knowledge of the Accountancy students about the benefits of Private Accounting. Moreover, the factors affecting the career paths of these students are also expected. This study is not only useful for the researchers but also for the respondents for them to gain a better understanding of their course and Private Accounting.

This study is intended to find the benefits of Private Accounting and its effects on the career paths of Accountancy students of De La Salle Lipa. Different career opportunities lies in the practice of Private Accounting, such as Book Keeper, Financial Accountant, Controller, Budget Officer, Internal Auditor, electronic Data Processing Head, Cost Accountant, Chief Accounting Officer, Chief Information Officer, Tax Officer. Through, this study we aim to discover which of these jobs catches the attention of the 3rd and 4th year Accountancy students of De La Salle Lipa.
It is aimed to show the respondent’s profile in terms of Name, Gender, and Year Level. It is also aimed to show the perceptions of Accountancy students to Private Accounting. Knowing that some choose Private Accounting just because they want to be in it but they do not know what really is the meaning of it. Also we are to know the factors that affect their choices between Private Accounting and the jobs that the students consider in Private Accounting. It is important that once you enter a workplace you will be able to cope up easily because you already had an idea of what you will be working on. We also aim to show the importance of knowing the benefits of Private Accounting. In this study the benefits that one may have ...

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