Analysis Of Yggdrasil Gaming Announces Brand New Slot Game Vikings Go Wild

Analysis Of Yggdrasil Gaming Announces Brand New Slot Game Vikings Go Wild

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Blog 18 – Yggdrasil Gaming announces brand new slot game Vikings Go Wild

Given how well received the ‘Super Free Spins’ concept has been received, it is no surprise to see how many analysts are talking up the potential of Yggdrasil Gaming. The developer has been making plenty of noise as of late, with their latest development sure have fans around the world flooding online casino portal comment boxes with praise. Vikings Go Wild is the newest game to come off of the Yggdrasil Gaming production line and is sure to be of interest to those who play at the likes of Vera and John and Mr Green online casinos.

Age and Style

The story of the Vikings has been told a thousand times of the years. Film after film and TV show after TV show has addressed the matter, but it isn’t until now when the Vikings have truly been done justice on the online casino stage. Featuring 3D styling, a now famous Yggdrasil Gaming trademark, Vikings Go Wilds looks blend this age old story with new age style.

Go Wild with Vikings Go Wild

From the first spin you’ll see that Vikings Go Wild is a beautifully constructed slots title. Featuring 5-reels, 25-paylines, and plenty of coins to be won, this game lives up to its name by featuring countless Viking like characters. The main symbols all featuring Viking like iconography, with their being plenty of bonus elements thrown into the mix. The Vikings Go Wild bonus games comes about through various different ways, with their being plenty of chances to grab in games wilds and instant win icons, with the latter unlocking 1,000 coin prize wins. There is also a scatter symbol too in the form of Longship, land three or more of these and you’ll win up to 24x in multipliers. Sticky wilds can also be found should you fi...

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...ked. Amongst the speakers will be several key dignitaries including Irina Sergiyenko, Dmitry Dragun, Getmantsev Danil, and Francesco Baranca.

What will be the outcome?

At time of writing it seems that Ukraine are at least receptive to legalising online casino gaming in at least some regard. Political instability has had a destructive effect on the country’s economy, with there being no clear view on how to steady the ship. Online casino gaming has proven itself to be a valuable asset to nation’s who have legalised it in the past, with Ukraine quite possible hoping that it can bring in notable additional revenue.

Is the Ukraine gearing up to become an online casino gaming hub? Are you wondering how you can stay on top of all the latest news emerging from the Ukrainian Gaming Congress? Then keep your eyes glued to your chosen online casino portal in the coming weeks.

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