Essay on Analysis of Violence in the Media

Essay on Analysis of Violence in the Media

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While violence is not new to the human race, it is an accumulative epidemic that is taking over today’s society. With firearms, ammunition and explosives becoming more accessible, this is resulting into more violent behavior and less serious consequences. Violence in the media plays an imperative role in the etiology of violent and hostile behavior in the world today. While it is difficult to determine which age group have experienced more televised violence, studies have shown that the consequences of aggressive and violent behavior have brought a great deal of human agonizing, suffering, pain and financial destitution to our society, as well as an atmosphere of apprehension, distress and doubt. Research indicates that violence in the media has not just increased in quantity; it has also become more explicit, sexual and sadistic. Most acts of violence in media and on television are laughed off and there are no consequences for these actions.
Some research studies are steered to describe individual variables as they exist naturally, while others are intended to examine the relationships between the variables. In behavioral research, we select samples to learn more about the mean in a population. In my example, the sample mean was used to describe the population mean. I’ve read many articles about violence in the media basically involving video games, music videos and reality shows to say the least and studies have shown that things are only getting worse.
I found out that majority of the people that participated in this survey felt that the media has had a more negative effect than positive outlook on what’s going on in the world today. 60% of the poll believed that the news broadcast more violence and crime than any other n...

... middle of paper ...

... hypothesis is true.
My topic was an issue addressed in the textbook. It basically deals with culture, society and the individual, which is discussed in the text, The Essence of Anthropology. If I had to do this assignment again, I think my target would be teens and adolescents both male and female. I want to get their thoughts and ideas on the topic and how it affects them personally. In my opinion violence in the media, video games, rated R movies and music has a major impact on the younger generation and something needs to be done to protect our youth.
1. Violence in Media Entertainment:
2. Facts and Figures about Our TV Habit. TV Turnoff Network::http://www.factsandfiguresaboutourtvhabits
3. Essentials of Statistics for Behavior Sciences 7th Edition

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