Analysis Of The Poem ' Porphyria 's Lover ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' Porphyria 's Lover ' Essay

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With the use of various writing strategies, authors are able to create their work to their pleasing. The use of the language and how they choose to deliver their thoughts is what makes each writer unique. In poetry, diction and tone go hand in a hand (Liden Web). Depending on the words that the author chooses to use will determine the tone that the reader will get from reading it. The syntax of a poem will help a reader have an easier time understanding the main points that the poet is trying to convey.
The diction, or word choice, that Browning uses in the poem Porphyria’s Lover reveals the madness that was concealed within the speaker. The speaker speaks with natural speech, as it isn’t difficult to understand how he is trying to convey his emotions. This particular poem does not display the colloquialisms of some of Browning’s later poems; instead it shows to be more neutral, although informal diction can also be seen. It also contains flowery language that is used to easier connect to the reader’s emotion and convey the message more clearly. The diction that Browning uses for this poem creates an emotional affect on the reader in which he can alter the reader’s attitude towards the specific subject (Ckimball Web). "Three times her little throat around, / And strangled her. No pain felt she; / I am quite sure she felt no pain" (Browning l. 40-42) demonstrates an example of how the choices of Browning’s words can impact the reader. He is describing which way he chose to murder the woman, and how he is certain that she did not and will not feel pain. This can strike a reader because the reader is able to see how calm he is able to perform this act. The importance of the type of diction Browning chose to utilize in Por...

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... mental state. Through the use of cynical words and meticulous actions, the author is able to create the morbid and malicious tone in the poem. The malicious tone comes from the fact that he intentionally hurt Porphyria for the purpose to have her all to him. The reason that the type of tone that Browning utilizes in this poem is important is because the image that he creates by the use of the tone is what he is able to convey to the reader. The dark, malicious tone is able to shock numerous readers of his time and drive them to keep reading his work out of curiosity.
Together, these three writing devices help Browning create his own unique work which differs from many poets. The way he chooses to deliver his message to his readers is different from other poets because he tries to closely relate the narrator to the reader to build that connection amongst them.

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