Analysis Of The Patio Of Harris Hall Essay

Analysis Of The Patio Of Harris Hall Essay

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On Monday April fourth from 8:00 pm to 8:16 pm we had our initial gathering on the patio of Harris Hall. During this meeting we discussed who would be doing what job. “The presentation and packaging is everything,” (Davis) I and Katerina Garcia were both assigned research, LaBethany Bradford was in charge of creativity, and Hannah Huskey was the person who tracked all the meetings. At first we discussed southern food, traditions in the south, and football. We then decided to narrow the topic even more by making our main points not quite so broad. We started out by splitting up jobs and topics, how we would display our argument, and lastly we decided what kind of research would back our argument up.
When beginning our project it did not take us long to figure out that we would be doing it on southern football and its traditions versus northern football and their traditions. On Tuesday April 14 at 11:20 am we each picked three or four topics to discuss, “We’re not afraid of opposition- we welcome discussion” (Marsalis). I chose to research how teams celebrate touchdowns and wins by using pomp poms, canons, or shooting guns. These things are used to get the fans hype. There is a reason why the crowd holds up four fingers during fourth quarter which is also known as play for four, stay for four. Holding up four fingers at the beginning of the fourth quarter is a symbol to finish the game strong whether winning or losing. Holding up four fingers at the beginning of the fourth quarter is not a tradition in the National Football League, but it can easily be adopted by the teams. Hannah Huskey conducted research on the teams’ coaches and how they are idolized, how fans dress, and weddings in the south. For the South eastern ...

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...o delegate responsibilities by helping everyone decide what they will be working on and also helping them when they ask. I learned to balance time more efficiently because with everyone having a different schedule it was hard to meet even though we all lived in the same building and on the same floor. “When you are interviewing someone, even your mother – you have to sort of deal with you have to get some objective space from yourself and the persons but you also have to find what‘s the best way to get the information from that person.” (McBride) I also learned that interviewing people on campus about their thoughts on football was very productive and I will be using this method again in other researches that I may have to conduct. For each of us this project really came to life for us because we have lived it and knew how to get things done to reach our destination.

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