Analysis Of The Movie ' The Fault ' Of Our Stars '

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The Fault in Our Stars highlights the lives of young teenagers battling the horrid battle of cancer while finding love. Set in Indiana, The Fault in Our Stars is a book that anyone can relate their emotions to, from love to sadness to happiness. It centers itself around three teenagers all battling different battles of cancer at different stages of each disease. Through this Green allows for the reader to escape from the everyday struggle of life and offer those who were going through the disease or had a loved one battling it comfort. This novel gives the reader great insight about what those who are battling cancer have to go through and how rough it could be on the family. When someone is diagnosed with cancer it effects everyone even including the way those who are helping the patients, it’s a burden that they have to go through as well. Green turns this sad topic into a story that the reader can relate to through the struggle of thinking that you’ll never find love into two people actually finding love through their battle. This gives us the reader hope that we can find a true love that will last until death. Green states in the first chapter ““Look, let me just say it: he was hot. A nonhot boy stares at you relentlessly and it is, at best, awkward and, at worst, a form of assault. But a hot boy…well.” This mirrors our culture as a culture that really only cares about looks at the beginning of any kind of relationship. This allows for us to look at our culture as something that maybe we can change but realizing in the end that it isn’t all that matters. Green also shows the idea of personal reflection in regards of whether or not people that are engaging in a new relationship with a cancer patient. ““I 'm a grenade and ... ... middle of paper ... ... in Our Stars needs to be read by our current high school students. I understand that there are people that feel that this too strong of a story for teenager to handle, but in reality it isn’t. Yes, this is a sad novel that brought myself to tears at times but I’m glad that had happened because I was I able to share the experience with the characters in my life as well as theirs. I don’t want students to be deprived of this story because it is a great one and was worth the read. This book was made into a movie and did really well with an average gross over $300 million, I think that if parents would allow their child to see this movie with knowledge of what the story line is about, then our schools and libraries should allow for our students to be able to read it in classes. Maybe we should put the novel on a summer reading list for students? I know that I’m for it.

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