Analysis Of The Movie ' The Countdown ' Essay examples

Analysis Of The Movie ' The Countdown ' Essay examples

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This movie follows the fictional Dr. Strangelove and the US president as they struggle to avoid all out nuclear war with the Soviet Union, along with also avoiding the dreaded Soviet Doomsday Device. The countdown begins when General Ripper, who is afraid that adding florid to US water supplies is a soviet plot, calls for a all out nuclear strike on the soviet union and he is the only man who can recall it. The main argument made in this film is how the largely absurd Red Scare after World War 2 looks when viewed in a comedic way. Not only does this film highlight the Red Scare but other “hot topics” of the time, including: Fluoridation of US waters, US use of Nazi Scientists and movies sexualization of the time.
Soon after General Ripper launches the attack he orders his executive officer to collect all the radios on base as it is a state of emergency, which also cut off outside communication so the soldiers wouldn 't find out about the ploy. The order went to B-52 bombers carrying nuclear weapons, flying in holding positions around the world, to strike positions within the Soviet Union. Once this command was issued all the B-52 's radios are switched to a channel that requires a code to be entered to send a message. In the next scene, the President and his Joint Chiefs of Staff convene in the War Room to try and solve this crisis. The first thing they decide upon is to send in a nearby Army unit to try and detain the General, but little did they realize the General 's troops were told the “Soviet Soldiers” were going to be dressed as US Soldiers and to fire first, ask later. After several quips at each other for a good laugh from the audience, the decision is made to call in the Soviet Union Ambassador, who would then forward t...

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...not even the president had. The second, less obvious, example of this is when the commander of the Army division arrested the Executive Officer he didn 't know why he needed to do so or anything about the impending nuclear strike. The movie hinted at the dangerous of this leadership style as it caused people to follow directions blindly, even when those directions were wrong. I don 't believe that this is the best film representation of the feeling of Americans during the critical time period in a historical context. Although it does show many hot topic issues that occurred during that time you may not pick up on them unless knowing before hand that it was a popular issue of the time. Also I believe it doesn 't give a good feeling for the time because it was a time of great worry and seriousness, but since this film is satirical it is most seen as relaxed and joking.

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