Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Caged Tail Members Abruptly '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Caged Tail Members Abruptly '

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Once revolution takes place, the caged tail members abruptly release themselves into the rest of Snowpiercer. As the revolution makes its way through successive compartments of the train, the train itself begins to reflect a live-action flowchart of the class system in a hierarchal society. Snowpiercer spends extensive time covering the the middle cars of the train, reflecting the actual density of the middle class in the social hierarchy. Bong Joon-ho’s concentration on the middle to upper class allows him to convey his message to what he sees as the bulk of a stratified class system. Again, Joon-ho plays with similar areas of film technique: setting, props, and color, to reveal the truth behind the middle and higher class through the lower class 's eyes. This new perspective gives the audience a chance to see fatal flaws within the hierarchal structure that were hidden by obliviousness beforehand.
The setting of the train provides a closed confinement that induces a sense of claustrophobia and emphasizes on how tensions innately within a hierarchical class system can lead to resentment, and eventually, revolution. Just in terms of the physical space, the action sequences take place in the restricted area of a moving train, and characters are therefore forced to have head-on collisions with each other. By pushing all train inhabitants to interact with each other in close proximity, there is a heightened sense of the societal and class hostility as the revolutionary tail members clash with everyone else in front of them. The use of the train 's narrow capacity is effective at inciting brutal fights that become core to showing the accumulation of social tensions; these tensions manifest themselves in butcher car, inciting the mos...

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...ifference in color, and therefore the living statuses, between the opposite spectrums of class hierarchy, Bong Joon-ho makes an assertion over the inherent unfairness in how the capitalist social structure operates, as it effectively sucks the color and life from one side in order to over-saturate another.
As the journey to the front of the train uncovers the inner workings of Snowpiercer, Bong-Joon ho gradually devises a pattern with his forms of film technique that overall show greater inequality between the lower and middle to higher class. The lower class represented by the tail section is consistently being put down and used for the betterment of those above them, simply because of their position on the social ladder; therefore, the system of capitalism that perpetuates this immorality becomes increasingly more and more unsound to the human sense of empathy.

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