Analysis Of The Movie ' New Boy ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' New Boy ' Essay

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Title: New Boy
Author/Director: Steph Green
Type: Short film

New Boy is a short film that envelops the viewer into a third person character and leads viewers to experience how it feels to be an outsider “The New Boy”, the audience experiences this feeling through the Protagonist 's mind in this case “Joseph.” This short film not only focuses on the idea of bullying but also the idea of being an outsider.The positioning of the title “New Boy” on the left-hand side of the frame indicates that the new boy will be powerless.

from Joseph’s point of view, his new classmates are blurry and confusing. This is an example of shallow focus, as well as a point of view shot, and indicates that Joseph does not understand his new peers or surroundings, nor does he feel a connection to either.

The beginning scene starts off from Joseph’s point of view, his new classmates are blurry and confusing. This is an example of shallow focus, as well as a point of view shot, and indicates that Joseph does not understand his new peers or surroundings, nor does he feel a connection to either.

with the protagonist “Joseph” being introduced to the class as ‘The new boy ‘ immediately in this wide shot screen it sets the atmosphere for rejection.Steph Greene uses this scene to set the discomfort between the protagonist and the class this is shown/ set by one of the students yelling “who cares!” and then another boy stating “he should sit beside Palma” which is another girl who has the same skin tone as Joseph. This scene showed the discomfort he felt as his eyes roamed the class in uncertainty. The main theme in the shot was discomfort and a feeling of not belonging. which also brought me a certain level of discomfort as it reminded me of myself, as I h...

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...cted with me a lot mentally and emotionally and I learnt there are other people facing the same obstacles. The Directors main purpose was to show the viewers a different way of thinking by allowing us to see each of the points of views of the whole process of someone new entering into a place where being new is hard to accept. This also ties in with the form of bullying called alienation this form of bullying happens when your physical or mental abilities aren’t as good as everyone else 's causing everyone else to feel uncomfortable around you causing you to isolate from everyone around you and eventually shutting off from your social life. People that need motivation into believing friendships and fitting in could happen should read this because this definitely made me smile and feel happy about my social life and the current school I am in because I feel accepted.

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