Analysis Of The Film ' Death Brings New Life ' Essay

Analysis Of The Film ' Death Brings New Life ' Essay

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Death Brings New Life
Photographic series are used by photographers to tell a story, share ideas, highlight all kinds of people, show the passage of time, or to purely demonstrate the art form. One photographer, Eric Kim, has recently been introduced to me along with his photographic series Grandfather produced in 2013. Kim identifies himself as a street photographer, meaning he photographs strangers to create his art as well as gives his own view about the society around him. Kim also recently created a blog in which he shares his different series of work as well as posts statements to go along with his photos to teach young inspiring photographs what inspires him. His photographic series Grandfather really struck a cord in me because his images tell a story which has let us into his life and world as a person as well as a photographer, using various techniques while also adding a personal touch.
Kim’s Grandfather series contains ten photos that display the passing of time at his grandfather’s funeral. His photos are constructed in a particular sequence, to portray the emotions of the day as well as to capture family member’s emotions and the nature and activities around him. I am going to focus on two photos in this series, the first and seventh photos, which are contrasts to one another but both equally important in creating this series.
The first photo, as you can see at the end of this paper, is of a crucifix and the ceiling of a chapel. The light in the photo is natural yet hard lighting, giving off a clear distinction of shapes and lines. The natural light is coming through the stain glass window on the ceiling of the chapel, giving off a halo effect over the crucifix. The main focus of the photo is the stain g...

... middle of paper ...

... did, online on Kim’s website, as well as on my document. I also recommend looking at Kim’s blog to get further insight into his other series and how street photography and people watching has become his passion.
Kim decided to photograph his grandfather’s funeral to show others to live each day to the fullest. His death came expectantly and even though he wasn’t super close to his grandfather, “I hoped that somehow photographing his [Grandfather] funeral and my family members would bring me closer to him and the rest of my family.” He decided to create these series based on his grandfather’s life and, “…his death made me realize how short life is-and the importance of me to follow my passion” Kim said in one of his blog posts. These final words by Kim sums up his whole series, “In his death we celebrated a new life and beginnings with one another in the family.”

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