Analysis Of The Book ' Job Of The Bible ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Job Of The Bible ' Essay

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Often times when people are in pain they ask what they did to deserve it. Whether this be by asking God or others around them, people generally want a reason as to why they must carry an extra burden compared to others. Many people believe that suffering is an effect of behaving badly, such as in the ideas of karma and the retribution doctrine. Others, however, believe that everyone suffers, and it is just a normal part of life that helps people to grow and mature. In the book of Job in The Bible, Job experiences suffering through the loss of his material possessions but he does not question God’s reasoning. However, when the pain worsens and becomes more physical, Job begins to ask God what he has done to deserve the severe misery that he is going through. Through this time of suffering, Job’s questioning of God’s morality and absence displays how God is shown to be an unjust leader of His people because he allows for them to suffer preposterous amounts for no reason.

In the book of Job, Job was a good follower of the Lord and lived a blessed life. God was boasting about Job’s good faith and Satan became doubtful that Job was only a noble follower of God because he has had such a privileged life. God then allows Satan to disrupt Job’s life by letting him mangle with any of Job’s belongings, however Satan could not physically harm Job. Satan kills all of Job’s children and servants and destroys his home, but Job still stays loyal to God. Despite having all of his belongings taken away from him suddenly, Job refuses to denounce the Lord. He states “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord” (Job 1:21). By saying this he pronounces that his earthly possessions were given to him by God, a...

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...xplanation, God avoids answering the question by instead stating how small and insignificant Job is compared to everything else. Again, God’s harsh comments prove that he does not consider Job’s feelings after all of the suffering he went through.

In total, the problem of suffering in the book of Job is explained through God’s unfairness as a ruler. When God initially allows Satan to destroy his belongings for no reason, Job is still loyal. However, God is pressured by Satan to allow him to physically harm Job, again, for no apparent reason, which causes Job to question God’s use of his power. Through all of Job’s pleas and prayers, God is silent and lets Job suffer. God, because of his ultimate power, allows for Job to stay in misery because He wants to prove a point to Satan, but by doing this He disregards Job, who has been a loyal follower of the Lord.

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