Essay on Analysis of the Book Into Thin Air

Essay on Analysis of the Book Into Thin Air

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Analysis- Into Thin Air
Before I began to read this book, I had an idea about Mount Everest and that it took great skill and determination to conquer. I didn’t know anything about the author or about the story that was going to take place during the book. I haven’t read anything about mountain climbing or anything adventurous like this before. I did enjoy reading this book, it was very interesting and I thoroughly liked to keep reading it. I just liked the adventure part of the book and that is what kept me to read the book and finish it. I thought that the purpose of this book was to be a smooth sailing trip up Mount Everest, but that wasn’t the case. This was an entertaining, but serious story and the title just explained that the air would’ve been thinner than at sea level. The opening lines of the book just explain that they are on the trip and at the summit of Everest, then the story unfolds. This book was difficult to read because there was so many events happening and people were dying and it was hard to keep track of who was alive and dead during the book. I had a hard time understanding everything completely because of this. I thought that this book was going to be a little confusing at the start, but it turned out to be really interesting and action packed. Some of the reading wasn’t interesting and there were lots of details in small things, but other than that I thought that the book was better than I expected it to be.
This book was an example of a non-fiction story. It was a first person account of an event that happened in someone’s life. This was a real event, making it factual. There were at least three literary techniques that were used well in this book. These literary techniques were the plot, setting, an...

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...ot always make progress everyday due to the harshness of the trip. On April sixteenth, they start to go from the Base Camp to Camp One, and this is the real beginning of their journey. Shortly after, they leave for Camp Two, and the trip is going well so far. At over 20,000 feet up, a dead body is seen. People are treated for medical conditions at the second camp, and soon need to keep moving up to the third camp. A storm hit during the journey, right before reaching the fourth camp.
They learn that people are getting sick and on the verge of dying. This causes a little but of emotional stir during the rest of the trip. They keep on ascending and descending to keep on going to get to the top. The trip continues and people end up dying. By the end of the trip, there were twelve people who died during this trip. It took the toll of many people, and two survived.

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