Analysis Of The Book ' Harry Potter ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Harry Potter ' Essay

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Alyssa Jimenez
Mrs. Jordan
Eng. III Pre-Ap 5th pd.
7 May 2016
JK Rowling and her Harry Potter series have reached the entire world. Many say the Harry Potter series is just for pure entertainment. I say it’s the total opposite. JK Rowling uses the Harry Potter Series to convey issues that her readers may experience and relate to throughout their lifetime. She portrays tragedies, unity, accomplishments, friendships and lastly, finding self-identity.
What kind of series doesn’t have tragedies? JK Rowling uses death of loved ones as an example of tragedies. In book six, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”, Dumbledore is killed by Severus Snape. Dumbledore was the mentor and grandfatherly figure throughout the Harry Potter Series (Conte 2). With the death of Dumbledore, readers can relate to a mentor, of some sort, that has passed. In book Seven, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, Fred Weasely passes away. Fred had passed away while fighting alongside his brother. Those who have had a sibling pass away can relate to this. Even military personnel. Another form of tragedy used is facing defeat. In the last book, Harry has been hurt and this makes everyone think that they have lost to Voldemort. They aren’t quick to accept defeat, but they eventually do. In addition, Rowling’s characters were so well thought out like the character Dolores Umbridge. The cruelty of Umbridge is highly relatable for anyone who has had an educator or boss who manipulated their power and used it to make the lives of their subordinates miserable (Conte 3). Many people face defeat whether it be an internal or external battle. They are able to relate to the feeling of losing to a superior.
Unity is greatly expressed by JK Rowling throughout the Harr...

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...the Harry Potter Series interesting and relatable (Woodrum).

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