Analysis Of The Article ' Lone Parent Poverty : Canada Social Policy Can Still Do Better

Analysis Of The Article ' Lone Parent Poverty : Canada Social Policy Can Still Do Better

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The media responsibility is to ensure that information passed across Canada are well coordinated, effectively managed and responsive to the diverse information needs of the public, which has to be provided to the public in a timely, accurate and clear manner; more importantly, they should not misrepresent any population.
The article “Lone-parent poverty: Canada social policy can still do better” was written by John Richards and published in The Globe and Mail online news article on July 06, 2010. In this article, the author explains how historically social welfare policy have been helping lone-parents, specifically, the implementation of welfare-to-work programs; and it has helped single parent to go back to the work force instead of baby-sitting their children. The author states that the recent issues impacting the lives of people have escalated more than the welfare-to-work policy because the population receiving social assistance are “persons with disabilities, homeless people, and people with mental health issues. He further emphasize that the policy has been a huge success by rendering services to the needy, but still need some amendments to better serve people. 80 per cent of this article is the author’s voice, which makes it biased towards lone-parents; the rest of the 20 per cent is base on fact.
The second article “8 things you need to know before claiming new family tax cut” was written by Tome McFeat and published in the CBC News online news article on March 02, 2015. In this article, the author illustrate how the new income splitting lite policy implemented by the federal government would be in the favour of the rich people earning above $233, 000 annually, which will them have a negative impact on low-income and mi...

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...tances than being children living with continuously married parents” (Amato, 2005. p. 84). For example, the duality of the parent being both a “mother” and “father;” the child’s parent is working more: both paid and unpaid; the child feels their parent cannot be as involved in their lives: i.e., staying at home when the child is ill, parents/teachers interviews, being picked up from daycare, etc.
Finally, my assessment on the micro level is the stereotyping and unfairly social stigmatization, which has a great impact on the lives of single parents; having the idea that single parents are lazy, and the idea that they live on welfare. This are all socially constructed because single parents are really hard working, but the Canadian welfare system that acts as a last resort to support families in need is the root of issues that lone-parent families are experiencing.

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