Analysis Of The Article ' Cost Will Be Too Great If Houston Doesn 't Recycle ``

Analysis Of The Article ' Cost Will Be Too Great If Houston Doesn 't Recycle ``

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Melanie Scruggs recently wrote an article titled “Cost will be too great if Houston doesn’t recycle” about the dangers that Houston may face if they continue to put recycling as a last priority. I believe that Melanie Scruggs does an amazing job describing the issues that we are facing and poses an effective argument on why we should recycle.
Melanie Scruggs graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, and she was awarded with a Plan 11 Honors degree. (TCE 1) Melanie then joined the TCE in 2012 and she served as a organizer, field manager, program staff member, and a program director. Melanie then moved back to Houston around 2013 where she now serves on the board of the Houston Clean City Commission, the League of Women Voters, as well as the Houston Peace and Justice Center. As you can see Melanie seems to be very committed to keeping Houston clean.
In Scruggs’s article she discusses many things that are putting houston at risk of even more pollution. The first thing that Scrug discuses is landfills and how they are not only polluting Houston, but costing them thousands of dollars in tax payer money. Scruggs continues to discuss landfill for quite some time, and she touches on the subject of landfill leaks and how they are polluting groundwater, as well as the approximate costs of maintaining a landfill. Scruggs then switches to the topic of mining, and recycling trash. Although Scruggs talked about landfills for a lengthy amount of time, I noticed that she spent a very short amount of time discussing mining. Scruggs says that mining has generated enormous amounts of pollution, and has significantly damaged the air, land, and water in Houston. Scruggs then talks about how recycling can reduce the pollution that mining a...

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... believe her genuine interest for what she is doing earned my respect ultimately. I do have my doubts as well because Scruggs does not address the opposing argument. I believe that Scrugg’s character is extremely important in her argument because many people write about recycling but have no experience on what they are writing about, but Scruggs is involved in many committees that have to do with recycling, and she is educated on the topic as well. I also believe that Scruggs does not rely on pathos in her argument and instead relies on logic.
In conclusion I believe that Melanie Scruggs uses many different approaches such as logos, and ethos to effectively persuade her audience to believe that she is in fact correct about recycling, and landfills. Although Scruggs fails to apply pathos, and address her opposing argument I believe her argument is still effective.

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