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Analysis Of Scooby Doo And I Essay

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Scooby Doo and I
Born and raised in a small rural town in Taiwan, I never expected to be given the opportunity to be writing this essay today. All the more so, at one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions in California, UC Davis. Being able to communicate in English fluently--speaking and writing--was something I never thought would happen, nor did I really care about. What would a local Taiwanese boy need to learn English for, in a country with less than 10% of an English speaking population? Being able to form your own sentences, or even write a few comprehensible words in English was already an extraordinary accomplishment for any native Taiwanese children. However, I was inspired to change my views as a language user and taught to be appreciative of the learning process. This change has brought me up from low expectations in learning English to becoming an American college student working my way towards a Bachelor 's degree.
My perspective and expectation of being a writer and user all changed when I had to leave the comfort of my home in Taiwan. When I was around four years old, my family moved to California for my dad’s work, and I was enrolled into an American elementary school. I was scared and worried as I had no clue on how to read or write English and all I could say was “Hi!”. Luckily for me, I had the perfect kindergarten teacher. She gladly helped me catch up in school work and be on the same page as the other children. She would often spend her lunch breaks and after school hours teaching me the alphabet, vocabulary and pronunciation. I was quickly caught up and fascinated by English, because almost anything can interest a four year old if enough effort is put into it. After school, I would go ...

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..., in my case, English. I want to show others who show an interest in learning another language this same perception.
My expectation for being able to read and write English started off low, assuming, even if I did learn english, it would be basic vocabulary, used for impressing others. If not for my kindergarten teacher, I would never have had the interest to learn and would’ve probably ended up in a local Taiwanese school instead of an American school. For my teacher being there at the right time and place, was extremely fortunate for me, and it is what I wished to do for those children who attended the English camp during summer.
I hope with this current perception I have in mind for writing and language usage, I can impact more people. It is a continuing process and I, myself am still learning more about English and know that I have barely scratched the surface.

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