Analysis Of Ronda Rousey 's Influence On Women 's Participation Essay

Analysis Of Ronda Rousey 's Influence On Women 's Participation Essay

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Ronda Rousey has had a major impact on women’s participation and interest in the sport of MMA. Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is the most violent sport there is today. Over the past 20 years Mixed Martial Arts has risen in popularity. MMA is seen as a male dominated sport though women’s participation in the sports has gone up recently. On February 23, 2013 two women were featured on the main fight card for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The fight in which Ronda Rousey defeated Liz Carmouche was a huge success. This fight was the first of its kind, for the previously all male UFC. Women have been competing in MMA since the mid-1990s, though for year’s women fighters were fighting in Japan. The first women’s MMA fight in the United States of America was not until 2002 and it wasn’t till 2006 that women fought for a major promotion company. (Greenwell, Hancock, Simmons, Thorn)
For the first 21 seasons of the hit television show UFC’s the Ultimate Fighter, the show featured male coaches and competitors. That was until the 22nd season where the show featured Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate as coaches and had all female competitors. The premise of the reality show is to have professional UFC fighter’s coach hopeful fighters, where the winner wins a contact to fight in the UFC. Viewership for the show had a 20% increase on weeks when women fought. (Greenwell, Hancock, Simmons, Thorn) This shows the impact that Rousey is having on people and the sport. To have a 20% increase on weeks when women fight is huge, I think its fans watching the show hoping to see the next Ronda Rousey. A lot of people watched the show in general just because she was on it. The sport is becoming more and more popular and Ronda Rousey is a big reason why. Rousey i...

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...pply to women in a number of ways, if you have the same mindset as Ronda Rousey you can do anything. You need to work as hard as you can and great things can happen. You need to tell yourself that just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you should be treated differently. Rousey took a male dominated sport and became the face of the company from her determination. There were many that thought she would fail on the way but that only made her work harder. She knew she had every right to want to compete just like the men and she never gave up on her dream. She convinced a nation that women fighting in MMA are a good thing. She inspired and grew the sport, so now a number of different people are fans when they might not have been if it wasn’t for her. She is a great role model for young women out there, that if you set your mind to something you can accomplish anything.

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