Essay Analysis Of Martin Luther King 's Letter

Essay Analysis Of Martin Luther King 's Letter

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Analyzing or moreover critiquing statements written by icons such Martin Luther King is an apolitically sensitive undertaking. Almost any conclusion could be even offensive for some people. Anyway is a necessary task. To understand this fact, we only have to realize that since Luther King has been one of the most important player for some of the humanity´s most important political advances ever, he has become into a symbol and his words have become almost into mantras. This is exactly the reason why we have to submit his opinions to a constant revision. I am pretty sure that if he were still alive, he would want us to discuss his ideas in order to get better results and not to allow his work to become in something unlinked with the present reality. As the laws, the constitutions, and the societies themselves are evolving constantly, our interpretation of our leader’s thoughts must evolve as well. At that sense, there are three ideas that deserve to be reconsider in the Martin Luther king’s letter since they could be problematic from nowadays perspective.
First, there is the theory according to which the morality and justice principles that must rule our society and the seeking of equality for all should flow from a religious tradition. In other words, Christian church should work as an engine of change. The second idea is to discuss whether violence is justified or not even if it is used to defend a just cause. The third idea is that Luther King’s argumentation drove the cause of civil rights to the wrong way because he didn’t go far enough. His strategy left out of the fight some people like atheistic or muslins for instance.

First. Religion as basis for the fight against segregation: Martin Luther King builds up his argument ov...

... middle of paper ...

...of many forms of segregation in United States. He is probably one the most important American citizens ever, but his strategy of “turn the other chick”, perhaps has spread the idea among minorities of that violence is an asset that only majority can use even when it is used in inappropriate or illegal way. Perhaps they think that the only thing they can do is to resist using only nonviolent methods no matter how poor or humiliated they are. From the humanistic point of view this a wonderful idea but reality shows that segregation still stands, that violence against minorities stills stands, and that the authorities don’t do enough to change those facts yet.
Dr Martin Luther King’s methods do not go far enough. Justice and religion should be separated. It is imperative to find out a middle term between non-violent resistance and the legitimate right of self-defense.

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