Analysis Of Mala Was A Documentary On The Transgender Community Essay

Analysis Of Mala Was A Documentary On The Transgender Community Essay

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The film Mala Mala was a documentary that centered on the transgender community in Puerto Rico, depicting the average life of a variety of transgender people living in Puerto Rico. Throughout the film, the audience is able to hear the stories of the struggles these transgender people face, as well as their views on the progress of the transgender movement in the country and their struggle to gain equal rights. The use of a typical narrative structure and the subjects focused on, as well as the different filming techniques used contributed to a telling depiction of the transgender movement in Puerto Rico.
Though the film was a documentary, it was structured in a way that resembled a more typical narrative film. The argument could be made that the documentary follows the typical narrative structure, called the three-act structure and described as in the textbook Film: A Critical Introduction as: “the standard pattern that shapes narrative film” (Pramaggiore, Wallis 70). In the film, the first act would be the introduction of the transgender community in Puerto Rico with the introduction of the main characters as well. Then the turning point for act one would be the hearing where the Butterfly Trans Foundation advocates for equal employment opportunities. Act two would include the Foundation being able to testify at the hearing and then going to the march on the capital to force them to pass the bill. The march could be considered the climax of the film. Act three would include the bill being passed and the last check in with the main characters in the end of the film. This is an important aspect of the film because it shows how the traditional narrative structure can be applied to a documentary and how that can make the film have ...

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...ransgender community in Puerto Rico. The use of the traditional narrative structure in a documentary provides the audience with more of a story to follow, which could make the documentary more involving and entertaining. The use of the selection of the subjects to follow in the film also contributed to the overall feel of the film and because the people followed were positive and entertaining, the film was also more positive while still dealing with disheartening issues. The different filming styles also allowed the filmmakers to capture a certain type of feeling and the lives of the transgender community, making the film more realistic and representative. Overall, with all these elements, the film was able to capture the lives of the transgender community in Puerto Rico in an honest and entertaining way, while also addressing the real issues faced by the community.

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