Analysis Of ' Les Guerilleres 's Pride Essay

Analysis Of ' Les Guerilleres 's Pride Essay

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The women also use the vulva as a weapon to keep them going long into the battle. “Les Guerilleres take pride in the vulva as a symbol of their strength”. (7 MR) The vulva is also used to juxtapose the position of the male phallic and domination in language, culture, and history. This juxtaposition is fluent within most of the novel which the author found irresistible to withhold in such a text. No doubt it an epic text, and Monique Wittig used it to its full advantage to expose the world, first at the polar opposite to glorify the vulva, then after the author 's point has come across, the women then begin to discard their own symbols, such as the vulva. “They say they must now stop exalting the vulva. They say that they must break the last bond that binds them to a dead culture. They say that any symbol that exalts the fragmented body is transient must disappear.” (72) The vulva was a master weapon in undoing the gender binarisms which the patriarchal men have established to gain dominance in all facets of life. With the vulva, the women and the reader were able to see the world which manifests from the female perspective and utopian world. To what end the women could have used the vulva is infinite. They could find ways to portray past stories that were male dominated and be able to adjust the stories to the female form by finding symbols, or other forms of subtext that could be referred to as the vulva.
Micturition is yet another method in which the women use to display the parody of the male gender role by simply portraying the women to commence in the “male” ritual of micturition. By juxtaposing this “gender” related act, they in a sense equalize the playing field or destroy the barriers created by these discourses that do...

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...would not be able to do the men’s roles. “they see themselves as already in possession of the industrial complexes. They are in the factories aerodromes radio stations. They have control of communications. They have taken possession of aeronautical electronic ballistic data-processing factories. They are in the foundries tall furnaces navy yards arsenals refineries distilleries… They say that they envisage themselves acting with strength and happiness. They say that they themselves shout and sing, Let the sunshine/the world is ours.” (95) The author shows the women going against all heterosexual normative functions by proving the men that they do not need them, nor do they have any use at all in contrast to the women. This envisages the women, and the reader liberated from all social paradigm which hinders all females from breaking through the gender identity issues.

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