Essay on Analysis Of Kumari Ghimire 's Jiwan Kada Ki Phul And Her Struggles

Essay on Analysis Of Kumari Ghimire 's Jiwan Kada Ki Phul And Her Struggles

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Sandhya Sharma
Prof. J. Brown
Dec. 05, 2015
Jhamak Kumari Ghimire’s Jiwan kada ki phul and her struggles
“What is life? Is it a beautiful flower or a bunch of thrones?” (Ghimire 5) The answer to these questions vary from people to people as they experience different situations in their life. The same question is being asked in the autobiography by the writer and tries to answer it on her experience of life. Jhamak Kumari Ghimire is a handicapped woman who cannot do works by her own. She was born with cerebral palsy and performs writing with her left foot. She has received in Nepal the greatest literature prize called Madan prize for her autobiography Jiwan Kanda Ki Phul. In the autobiographic novel, the handicapped writer shares her story of suffering and the struggle for freeing herself from the status of animals. This autobiography represents the true condition of the society about how they react to the people with physical and mental disabilities. Writing an autobiography through left foot is challenging in itself. In the book, the writer talks about the freedom, importance of love and care, and challenges faced by her since childhood.
First, Ghimire is a continuous freedom fighter who fights from her early childhood until her adult age for freedom. Being handicapped and mentally challenged, she is not allowed by her family members to go to school, read and write. Jhamak learns reading and writing entirely on her own, and words fail to describe the story of the ordeal and suffering she underwent while learning them. From her childhood, she was treated as a non-entity. Her family and other people called her “serpent” because she crawled on the ground. Everyone who saw her pitied her, because she was no mor...

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... significant avenues. . Acknowledgement of the problem is the first step towards its solution, and Jhamak, by her admission, has acknowledged that society has a problem. The problem is the society’s view of disabled people as being asexual, and it can be addressed when more and more people open up and start looking for solutions. This calls for a change of attitude towards the disabled people.
In conclusion, Jhamak’s autobiography is a great missile in the field of literature written by a left footed handicapped woman, which gives open challenges to the beliefs and perceptions about the disable people. So, through her autobiographical novel, Jhamak asks for the freedom, love, respect towards disabled people.

Work cited
Ghimire, Jhamak Kumari. Jiwan Kada Ki Phul (Life Is Thorn or a Flower). Kathmandu: Jhamak Ghimire Sahitya Pratisthan, 2010. Print.

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