Analysis Of `` Kind Of Blue `` And `` The Garden Of Forking Paths `` Essay

Analysis Of `` Kind Of Blue `` And `` The Garden Of Forking Paths `` Essay

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Music and literature are constantly evolving with each new release, but how ground breaking are these pieces compared to its contemporaries? Miles Davis and Jorge Luis Borges have contemplated and answered this question frequently. Rather than add on to a previous style, these two took the future of their genres into their own hands. In Davis’s “Kind of Blue” as well as Borges’s “The Garden of Forking Paths,” old ideas are completely abandoned and new, inventive styles flourish. Not only do these two play with the content of their work, but they also explore different styles and means of composition. Both Davis and Borges experiment with new innovative ideas and concepts in their works successfully creating a unique style of their own.
As Miles Davis developed as a musician, he created a new and unique style of jazz unlike what had been seen before. Previously, bebop had been the focus of the jazz scene, headed and perfected by saxophonist Charlie Parker. Parker had extended standard chords, creating more intricate patterns with quick, syncopated phrases (Kaplan). After revolutionizing music, the death of Parker left the world wondering what was to come. Davis quickly took the jazz scene by storm, completely throwing previous techniques away and developing what became known as modal jazz. Instead of strictly playing notes within set chords, Davis freely played all the notes within the scales, entirely changing the sound. Modal jazz gave gave players the freedom and the chance to be far more creative than in previous styles with “…fewer chords, but infinite possibilities as to what to do with them” (Kaplan). Not only did he create a new style of jazz, but Davis put his own twist on the previous standard of jazz structure. Instead...

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...osite directions of complexity and simplicity, both authors had altered the standards to create unique content and structure within their works.
As ideas within the jazz and literary world ran dry, Davis and Borges were brewing innovative new ideas that would change the course of their genres. Both authors reflected upon previously used and popular methods, only to change them to fit their taste. Although not purposely styling his music a labyrinthine way, the styles Davis constructs lend themselves well to the maze-like writings of Borges. Davis and Borges wind their new styles into areas of the labyrinth that had yet to be explored, yet manage to make it out alive and stronger than before. The unique styles they created through different aspects of their works had a powerful impact and revolutionized both jazz and fiction, inspiring young artists for years to come.

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