The Traveler In Wells's The Time Machine

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The book The Time Machine has various key elements that connect with literarily terms. Another connection that Wells makes us wonder is the time in this story, whether its human time or geologic time. A group of men, including the narrator listen to the Traveler discuss that time is in the fourth dimension. He purchases a miniature time machine that disappears in the air and about a week later sat down while the Traveler tells his story. The machine stops in the year 802,701 AD, he finds himself in a paradisiacal world with small human like creatures called Eloi. Traveler explores the area for a bit to find that his time machine is missing, he eventually runs into the Morlock 's that live below the ground. The Traveler runs into the Morlock…show more content…
The Traveler likes to speculate on the future and the structures he observes in the future. Another important character is The Narrator he is one of the dinner guest and his curiosity makes it back to the dinner where the traveler returns from the future. The point of view in this story is a little complicated because its told by two different characters. The traveler is the central narrator, he tells his own story from chapter 3 till the end of the book. One thing to also remember is that he is telling his story after it all already happened. The traveler 's is the only point of view from the future, we never see through the eyes of the Eloi or Morlock 's. We imagine that the Morlock 's see the Traveler as a monster that comes into their world, but through the Traveler 's view he thought these human like, small creatures were out to get…show more content…
The setting that takes place in this novel really connects with the future he travels too. For example how the Eloi 's live a carefree, work free life filled with fruit in a big house. But the Morlock 's live in this under ground world where they function like factories. So the setting makes a good point by characterizing the lazy Eloi 's to the worm like Morlock 's. This connects with England back than because the rich lived a care free life and didn’t have to work, and the poor had to work in factory like jobs not getting paid much but working there butt off to make a

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