Analysis Of Jackie Ormes 's ' Black Image ' Essay

Analysis Of Jackie Ormes 's ' Black Image ' Essay

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Whaley (2016) has contended, “Black image in comics has been one of grotesque caricature, often taking its cues from white fantasies of slavery and the minstrel stage”(p. 37). Jackie Ormes made a conscious effort to draw Black femininity. In each one of her characters exhibit realistic facial and body features. How would Jackie use her platform through the newspapers to challenge, reframe, and create a counterstory to the narratives in the comics strips and cartoons. Ormes drew her characters in her likeness, light-skin, straight short hair, small shapely physique, small nose, small lips a major contrast to the Mammy images representing Blackness. I will examine the three main comic strips Ormes drew, Torcy, Candy, and Patty Jo ‘n’ Ginger.

Torchy Brown in Dixie to Harlem was first published in the Pittsburgh Courier from May 1, 1937 through April 30, 1938 and was syndicated to fourteen other black own newspapers around the country (Goldstein, 2008; Robbins1993, 2001; Brunner, 2007). Goldstein (2008) claims the name Torchy was probably created after her sister’s torch songs and Brown was her mother’s maiden name. Torchy Brown in Dixie in Harlem is about a teenage Black from Mississippi visiting her family in New York inspired by the dream of performing at the Cotton Club in Harlem. Ormes developed this teenage character as a teenage girl dreaming of the Northern. Torchy is a light-skin country girl who lives on a farm raised by her aunt and uncle. She is able articulate and bargain with a male farmer over the price of melons. Eventually, she sells her farm animals to save money to travel to New York City.
In the five-panel comic strip where Torchy prepares to leave to New York City, gets on the segregated train, she decided to ...

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...ressed in rags seen of Black children in cartoons. Patty-Jo is well-dressed with a closet of clothes showing she is well taken good care of. She is not afraid to ask questions, which often leaves her big sister speechless. Ormes uses Patty-Jo to question the government, entertainment, the educational system, racism, voting rights, and citizenship. In the panel of Patty Jo leaving the school, she tells Ginger what her teachers said to the class about equal right for everyone. Ormes created this cartoon in 1948, a political campaign year and politicians were placing adds in the newspaper talking about racial equality. Ginger is not surprise what comes out of Patty Jo’s mouth which makes her think sometimes. This cartoon is really about Patty Jo and Ginger is more or less a secondary character, however, like Ormes’s other ladies, she very fashionable, and attractive.

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