Analysis Of Herzberg Theory 's Work Essay

Analysis Of Herzberg Theory 's Work Essay

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• This case study is a relevant and good example of Herzberg theory it tells us how Tony is dissatisfied from his work. For example, tony is often late for his work but Shirley performed her duties that she talked with Tony what’s the problem. Tony explained to her which is good now she and management will come to know that what happened and how she can fix it. I think we can apply Herzberg theory in this case studies like we know the factors which is responsible for dissatisfaction from his work. According to me, Tony’s problem is Supervision, Status (he said getting same pay doesn’t matter work hard or not), Job Security (treated fairly because of union). All this thing shows us the why tony behaviour is dissatisfied to his work.
• Accordance with Herzberg theory, I would suggest that Shirley can give him responsibility to work itself instead of checking on him all the time. We know Shirley or management have to check it but Shirley can give them individual task and also the time to finish the task and then when he finishes the task Shirley can appreciate his work individually. If Tony been there from long time and before he was performing good may be Shirley can talk to the management so if they can give him a pay rise. I think these suggestions or things that would leads to his motivation and also this will lead for the company as well.
Also Herzberg’s suggested that emphasising factors such as promotional opportunities, opportunities for personal growth, recognition, responsibility all these things motivate people.
Victor Vroom’s expectancy theory refers to “effort- performance” relation. Thus, it says it is individual efforts he or she will put forward will actually result in attainment of the ‘performance’. In other words...

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...ings to get better future because we don’t have individual attributes we can do good performance sometime we have to make it and work efforts we have to make some efforts to get good results for our personal growth and for organisation and then organisational support this is also main things without support of company or organisation we can’t do anything doesn’t matter how much we putting efforts. And then ‘The Big Five model theory’ is best theory to test personality or individual effort so organisation can choose right person for right job. With Herzberg theory we discussed about factors that determines the satisfaction or dissatisfaction about work. At the end we discussed about expectancy theory which is widely accepted this theory tells about the relationship about employee’s efforts leads to individual performance then organisational rewards and personal goals.

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