Analysis Of ' Groundhog Day ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Groundhog Day ' Essay

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"To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others."(Anne-Sophie Swetchine). As a result Love has the power to cast vital effects on a person’s perceptions and attitudes towards other people and life. The same thing happens with Phil in the movie Groundhog Day. He is an egocentric man, too conscious of his self-importance and has no regard for others. As a weather man, he goes to Punxsutawney to cover Groundhog Day festivities and gets trapped in a time loop and relives the same day again and again. He never had regards for love and other people, their emotions, needs desires and importance; however his experience of reliving the same day impacts on his perceptions and practices of love. This movie depicts the three phases of love: eros, philia, agape. These phases are in Phil’s life are affected by the time loop. The entrapment in the Groundhog Day has transforming effects on Phil’s practice of three kinds of Greek love eros, philia and agape.
As a result of being trapped in the Groundhog Day, Phil experiences exploitative effects on his attitude and practice of Eros. Eros is characterized as the most intimate and physical love. It is defined in further two forms of eros. The first form of love is a physical love and is characterized by the physical attraction and the sexual desires for someone. Eros takes another form when it becomes an intense romantic emotion or the appreciation of a beautiful object (“Ancient Greek Conceptions of Love”). When a person experiences eros in its sexual form, he treats the other person merely as an object and thus uses him or her for his own pleasure. Being trapped in the Groundhog Day makes Phil to practice eros with an egocentric attitude. To put it differently, “Because he liv...

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...hless and rude man who had no regard for love, affection, kindness and selflessness. This entrapment resulted in desirable and appreciable effects on his practice of love. His self centeredness and ruthlessness was warmed by the affection and compassion of philia. His practice of agape was affected by the selflessness, sacrifice, kindness and being helpful. He who has been obsessed and unsatisfied with his way of life finds contentment in little deeds of kindness and little words of love, which truly made his life like a heaven above. This happens, because he eventually learns that the contentment lies in loving others and fulfilling the desires and needs and banishing one’s own. Sidney Smith beautifully reveals the simplest secret of life that “Life is to be fortified by many friendships. To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence." (Alexander).

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