Analysis Of Frederick Douglass And Amy Tan 's Literacy And Language

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According to the New York City writing project at Lehman College ,“... Reading, writing and thinking are interrelated activities that contribute to the student’s success in school, college, the community and the workplace.” Reading and writing and thinking are associated with each other and can actually help people reach success through the power of reflection. Reflection is being able to think of our past and present experience and really analyze how we can become better. Reflection also allows one to better understand what is going on around us. Frederick Douglass and Amy Tan’s literacy and language allowed them to achieve success through reflection. Frederick Douglass was a slave that learned how to read and write even besides the oppositions that he faced because he was determined. Amy Tan was a Chinese American girl who learned a lot about the power of language and language help shaped Amy as a writer. Literacy allowed Frederick Douglass to achieve success through reflection because he was able to better understand himself and what was happening around him. For instance, after frederick learned how to read through the little white boys he began to read a book called “ The Columbian Orator” this open a new world to frederick douglass and really made him reflect. “I read them over and over again with unabated interest. They gave tongue to interesting thoughts of my own soul, which frequently lashed out of my mind and died away with utterance.” This book allowed Douglass to give him even more insight on the thought that may have been going on inside him because he refers to the thoughts of his soul. The readings allowed douglass to open his mind to the truth about conscience and this gave him more insight on the typ... ... middle of paper ... ... something more dynamic than just looking at the good and bad. Therefore literacy leads to reflection and as a result can allow one to achieve their own success. In conclusion, reading writing and thinking had allow one to really reflect and achieve success. Frederick douglass was able to achieve success through the process of reflection and able to escape and take part in the abolitionist movement. Amy tan was able to become a better writer by adding the english language that she had used all throughout her life. By means of reflection she was able to accomplish that. The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development wanted to incorporate reflection in their learning process. They wanted to learn more in depth of the purpose of what they were learning. Therefore, reflection can help one be a better student, person in the workplace and all throughout life.

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