Essay on Analysis Of ' Federico 's Falcon ' By Giovanni Boccaccio

Essay on Analysis Of ' Federico 's Falcon ' By Giovanni Boccaccio

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At the age of 10 Giovanni Boccaccio’s dad sent him to work at the firm’s bank in Naples. He dad was also a well-known banking firm. Giovanni stayed there for a couple of years with Robert of Anjou, who ruled Naples at the time. His dad wanted him to become a businessman or a lawyer and of course he was showing little interest in those fields. Giovanni wanted to be a writer and that what he did for the rest of his life. He was an Italian writer and wrote about human universal themes of love, loss, deception, fate, and honor. In one of his stories, Federico’s Falcon, there are 3 messages about what to give up and what to like more.

One thing you can learn in the story “Federico’s Falcon” by Giovanni Boccaccio is that it’s not smart to give up your heart to someone that don’t notices you very much. Early in a relationship it’s not smart to give up all you have to the person that you think you love and even sometimes it’s not smart to give up everything you have not matter how long you are in the relationship. Today you see a lot more marriage breakups because you see people finding out that they don’t like the other person. In not saying you should be rude but you should be careful on what you give up. In this story a guy named Federico buys a lot of things for this queen and she doesn’t really notice this guy and eventually becomes dirt poor but he had a falcon but that was it. He was trying to win her love “the object of winning her love….. gave sumptuous banquets, and distributed a large number of gifts, spending money without any restraint.” So don’t try to buy love from someone you like because you might end up with this guy. We see it all the time but, it’s not money that they are giving up and when they break up usually the...

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... our heart away early in a relationship and also don’t spend all your money on the girl that you think you will marry. For the most part most of the people that you will meet in high school you will not marry but it is good to see what you are looking for in someone. Also I think one of the most important thing that will make you last in a relationship is giving up some things that you really liked to do so that the relationship will be able to last longer. By having a stronger relationship it will help the trust that you guys have for one another. The most important thing in a relationship is to like the person for what he/she is not the money involved. If you like their personality and their heart then I think you guy will be golden. If you like there heart and just who they are they will be attractive to you. He had some good tips for people in general.

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