Analysis Of Disney 's ' The Odyssey ' Essay example

Analysis Of Disney 's ' The Odyssey ' Essay example

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The theme of hospitality in The Odyssey is of extreme importance. The Odyssey is an anthem to one of the most honored ancient Greek society’s value, as was hospitality. Hospitality tended to bond Greek’s personal relationship, such as friendship and at the same time loyalty; it symbolizes respect, honor, and justices. Although most of the host from The Odyssey did honor their guesses, Odysseus and his son Telemachus, the most remarkable examples of genuine hospitality in the poem are three. Nestor of Pylos and Meneláos lord of Sparta, they gave a great welcome to Odysseus’s son Télemakhus. At Pylos, Nestor feasted with him and offered libation to the gods for his guess, then send one of his son to help the boy on his quest. When Télemakhus arrives to Sparta seeking news of his father, Meneláos treats him with honors and offered him gifts. The second example is when Odysseus arrives to the Phaiakians country. Alkínoös and his daughter Nausicaa gave a warm welcome to Odysseus. The last example comes from a servant from his own land Ithaka, by Eumanios. Most of the various host in the rendered the proper hospitality honor to the guess but from the three main examples the best host was Alkínoös and his daughter Nausicaa. Princess Nausikaa gave him food to satisfy his stomach and put him clothes to cover his naked body, advised him about the attitude of the citizens toward visitors. The Phaiakians preferred not to have contact with others, so for that reason he might not be welcomed in the king’s halls as a guess; as for the princess, she saw no evil on Odysseus and that is why she gave him a warm welcome. “Stranger, there is no quirk or evil in you that I can see. You know Zeus metes out fortune to good and bad men as he ...

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...ty and some gifts. Polyphémos told Odysseus he would not care to honor Zeus offering him hospitality, because he was not afraid of the god. Then when Odysseus gave, the Cyclop wine and Polyphémos ask for more later, he promise Odysseus the gift of hospitality and ask his name, Odysseus trick him suspecting the Cyclop will not fulfill his word. Odysseus was right because the answer he got from the monster was, “Nobody 's my meat, then, after I eat his friends. Others come first. There’s a noble, gift now” (Book IX, 385-387) to avenge his friends and escape from the cave Odysseus blinds the Polyphémos. The Cyclop in pain calls his father for help. Since Polyphémos was Poseidon favor son he enraged against Odysseus and his companions; that the reason why he punished Odysseus to wander over twenty years in the sea before he made his way back home.

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