Analysis Of Carrie Hintz 's ' Genders And Sexualities ' Essays

Analysis Of Carrie Hintz 's ' Genders And Sexualities ' Essays

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Reading Chapter 11, “Genders and Sexualities,” written by Carrie Hintz was to construct and enact alternatives for these two traditional categories. Data is clearly indicated that sexual material is some of the most controversial content in literature. Children’s literature that is involved with adolescent’s childhood are key battlegrounds for attitudes about gender and sexuality. The significance of gender and sexuality in children’s literature is the persistent investment in what is perceived to be the innocence of children. Innocence is defined in part by children’s enforced ignorance of sexual matters. According to James Kincaid, “Youth and innocence are two of the most eroticized constructions of the past two centuries. Innocence was that which we have been trained to adore and covet, to preserve and despoil, to speak of in hushed tones and in bawdy songs” (Hintz 386). Children are actively socialized to behave in ways associated with one gender or another. They are encouraged and rewarded for behaving in sanctioned ways for their gender while being discouraged or punished for showing nontraditional interests. Childhood is a critical time for development, and children’s culture is replete with artifacts or rituals that provide opportunities to practice gender and sexuality.
Many aspects of children’s culture such as toys, games, television programs, and novels devotes to the gendering and sexuality of children. Children’s toys are specifically labeled either as for boys or girls. Baby dolls allow children, usually for girls, to practice caring for infants by feeding them, cuddling them, and dressing them that promote actions of reproduction with conception itself. Barbie dolls teach child consumers about fashion and the prin...

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...nsations, physical types, frequency, symbolic investments, age, and power” (Sedgwick). It is important for students and scholars of children’s literature to consider the sexuality of children because sexuality involves a range of desires, pleasures, acts, and identities. I hope that after investigating many qualities between gender and sexuality, I will be able to acknowledge essential features that expresses the language of intimacy. Additional thoughts on this week’s subject matter is that reading constructions of gender and sexuality in children’s literature critically means being attentive to how conceptions of masculinity and femininity shape narratives. Gender and sexuality roles in children’s literature books are an important part of this culture transforming society and inspire to adopt more egalitarian gender attitudes with improving social relationships.

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