Analysis Of Asimov 's Thinking About Thinking Essay

Analysis Of Asimov 's Thinking About Thinking Essay

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For more than a century, the topics of intelligence test have raised many strong and weak arguments which presented supporting both the “professional” side of the proposition and the “anti” side of the proposition. Like many anti-IQ tests’ arguments, Isaac Asimov’s “Thinking About Thinking (1976)” is a relatively common argument when he argues that intelligence is not something that can be measured or tested. In this essay, it presents common ideal that intelligence is defined by people who are subject to their own biases and to the ideas of their culture, the prevail definition of intelligence is not reliable. Asimov uses personal experiences, hypothetical situation, and casual/semi-simple language to convince readers of his view. With these combinations, he creates an effective argument that can easily connect to his audience.
Debates on if IQ tests can or cannot determine the importance, size, or value of a person’s intelligence is common to pro and anti IQ tests’ arguments. Asimov’s primary claim is that he believes IQ test define intelligence subjectively, and not objective. He explores this implication of this subjectively by using his personal experiences to support his argument while mentioning the African American and other marginalized group.
Asimov comes across with a strong ethos, partly because of the biological note indicating his career backgrounds as one of the most claimed writers of the twentieth century; his interests being broad in writing in many different subjects and being credited authoring many books and editing more than five hundred books in his lifetimes. Meanwhile, throughout this essay it continues to grow as he inserted his views and sarcastic opinions in the many things that he talks about. He s...

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...y connected to the readers and his audience while pulling in emotional and reasoning/logic examples to arouse their emotions through his hypothetical situations that he posed in his essays. As he further goes deeper into his essay, although the uses of casual tones is still there, it begins to have more emotional and sarcastic tones in it as he rebutted about the biases of African Americans and the Jews’ treatment.
By the end of this essay, an ordinary college student like me who have little knowledge clues in the IQ test and the dentition of intelligent, make me wonder if there are any ways to measure or test someone’s intelligence without being subjective by our cultures and biases. Asimov’s success in the pieces illustrate how effective an argument can be when its speaks in an casual, semi-everyday language that connects directly to the audience and experiences.

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