Analysis Of Amadeus By Peter Shaffer Essays

Analysis Of Amadeus By Peter Shaffer Essays

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Summary Analysis of Amadeus
Peter Shaffer’s 1984 film Amadeus is the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, told from the perspective of his peer, so called friend, and rival Antonio Salieri. The movie begins with a man yelling Mozart 's names and saying that he killed him, we soon learn that the man is none other than Antonio Salieri and he is attempting to commit suicide. This act lands him in an insane asylum, where he is then interrogated by Father Vogler a priest who gets Salieri to tell him what he meant by he killed Mozart. They share an interaction where Salieri plays some of his music that Father Vogler is unfamiliar with, this obviously causes Salieri to get slightly angered and it upset him that he still does not receive recognition while instantly Father Vogler recognizes Mozart 's music. Salieri first tells Father Vogler about his youth and how even then his idolized Mozart and compared himself to him. Salieri desperately wanted to dedicate his life to music, but his father had different plans for him. Despite his father 's objections, he still loved music, so much that he makes a pact with God. Salieri says “Lord, make me a great composer! Let me celebrate your glory through music - and be celebrated myself! Make me famous through the world, dear God... After I die let people speak my name forever with love for what I wrote! In return, I vow I will give you my chastity... Amen and amen” (Imsdb).
Not long after we see Salieri’s father die and Salieri takes it as a sign and begins to fulfill his pledge to God. There is then a time jump and we find ourselves observing an older Salieri. Salieri, now has made somewhat a name for himself in the city of Vienna, which is referred to as the “city of musicians”. Salieri is the co...

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...vie ends with Salieri back in the insane asylum where he has come to accept himself as mediocre and even declares that he is the patron saint of mediocrity and thus absolves those around him of their mediocrity.
This movie was very different than what I was expecting when it came to Mozart. When I read the section in our textbook they made it seem like Mozart 's genius was widely accepted and it was easy for people to understand what he meant and his vision. The Mozart that we see in this movie is nothing like the Mozart that was described in our textbook. The movie one is not clear cut and successful, he struggles to be accepted to get people to see his vision and to see how ahead of his time he truly was and the genius of his music. We see him go down a very dark path and struggle. A struggle that was not depicted very well in our textbook if it actually happened.

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