Analysis Of Alfred Adler 's ' The Vienna Psychoanalytic Society Essay

Analysis Of Alfred Adler 's ' The Vienna Psychoanalytic Society Essay

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Alfred Adler, along with Jung, was an early disciple of Freud, even being nominated by the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society to succeed Freud as president in 1910 (Ryckman, 2013). However, Adler did not have a submissive personality and frequently questioned Freud’s concepts. Ultimately, he resigned from the society in 1911. He then focused on the individual as an indivisible identity and created the concept of individual psychology. Individual psychology is a scientific attempt to understand an individual’s experience and behavior as an organized entity.
A developmental path to psychological health, according to Adler, experienced a family life where little arguing and bickering took place. At a young age, these individuals learned to treat others with respect and consideration, thus feeling accepted, learning the importance of equality, and the cooperation between people to meet a uniform goal. These goals could be achieved by striving for social interest, by inputting maximum effort into a role to increase society’s welfare. Adler also believed that a psychologically healthy individual has the capability to alter their guiding self-ideal under exceptional circumstances. In contrast, there are three environmental factors that may lead a person to neurosis: organ inferiority, which is the motivation to compensate for physical inferiorities, neglect or rejection as a child, or pampering as a child. While neglect and rejection play a significant role in the establishment of a destructive life goal, according to Adler, pampering has an even more detrimental effect. When children are pampered, they learn that they are able to receive instant gratification and are not required to reciprocate, often resulting in entitlement and narcissis...

... middle of paper ... a result of only children having more one-on-one time with their mothers. Another possibility for only children being more sociable and cooperative, according to Lewis and Feiring, is that those children engage in more parent-child conversations, often with a greater exchange of information pertaining to several different topics, often being called “small adults” by those around them (Ryckman, 2013).
When Adler broke away from Freud, he found himself able to explore the concept of individual psychology and explore a new branch of psychology. This exploration resulted in a field of study that is comprehensive in nature, contains a high heuristic value, and significant applied value. Overall, he was successful in studying not only the individual’s motivations for the purpose of future goals, but also the motivations the individual has to improve society as a whole.

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