Analysis About the Phenomenon of Racial and Gender Discrimination Essay

Analysis About the Phenomenon of Racial and Gender Discrimination Essay

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I have read a book written by Darlene E. Clover, which named Global Perspectives in Environmental Adult Education: Justice, Sustainability, and Transformation. This book outlines theories and practices in environmental adult education that are emerging worldwide. The need for environmental adult education arises not from a deficit platform of andlaquo; lack of awareness and andlaquo; individual behavior modification-but rather from the asset belief in an existing - if sometimes hidden - ecological knowledge of the need for a deeper sociopolitical, race, and gender analysis of environmental problems, and the power and potential of democratic participation and collective action. Authors from Canada, the Philippines, Kenya, India, Mexico, Fiji, Australia, Sudan, and the United States examine areas such as racism and the legacy of colonization, self-governance and community resistance, ecological, women's and indigenous knowledge, international development and globalization, feminist pedagogical and arts-based practices, and participatory research practice.
In this book, the author researches some details about education justice, especially the phenomenon of racial discrimination and gender discrimination. As everyone knows, at present, adult education has the largest scale in the American education field, and it’s mode of running is the most flexible, at the same time, adult education relates to wide range of education content, for these reasons, adult education forms a separate domain and independents of general education, simultaneously, it plays an important role in the U.S education system. To create communities education to realize the adults’ lifelong learning needs is the goal of the America education.
Although after two h...

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...ven every family, so the less unfair the less unfortunate. Many privilege groups occupy many resources of the education and society, and that is the reason why increasingly more authors working on discussion education justice. However, this is the beginning of the whole tough journey.

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