Essay about An Unforgettable Experience On A Frozen Lake

Essay about An Unforgettable Experience On A Frozen Lake

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An Unforgettable Experience On A Frozen Lake
Every time when I passed by a frozen lake, I could usually remind an amusing thing that happened in my childhood. Each time I told this story to my friends, they always couldn’t stop laughing. This thing happened in winter in my hometown when I was 6 years old. After that happened, I was more aware of my surroundings.
A gelid winter almost gone, but the weather was still cold. I went to a park with my friends which is extremely huge and magnificent. It includes a small mountain, a carnie and a small lake where people can row during the summer. First, we climbed the mountain and enjoyed the beautiful view when we stood on the top of the hill. What made me so happy is that I can see the whole city after I climbed the mountain. I can observe this city in a different angle, and I really like this kind of feeling. After we stood for a long time, one of my friend asked “Where are we going next?” Another guy said “Why don’t we go to the lake?” Then a rummy journey began.
We came down from the mountain and went to the lake with a fast pace. Wh...

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