An Overview of the Movie Pitch Perfect Essay

An Overview of the Movie Pitch Perfect Essay

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Directed by Jason Moore and screenplay written by Kay Cannon, Pitch Perfect is one of the funniest films to watch and the nations’ number one cappella comedy. There was a special screening of the film, which aired on September 25, 2012, at LSU Student Union Theater, which turned out to be a great success. Approximately, half of the students that stood in line got in to see the movie as it sold out. Since there were more students waiting to see the movie, a second show aired right after the first show ended. This hilarious film made over thirteen million dollars, which is phenomenal. The production budget of Pitch Perfect cost about seventeen million dollars. This film gives an in site and a better understanding of college life. This film gives examples of confidence, courage, and lasting friendships college students endure. Students are able to gain the knowledge and strength to be able to go out and achieve more after college. Master college like teachers, parents and alumni graduates say it is best to join the activities and clubs that are available. When being active it gives students the ability to make friends and display their talents. These talented people would use their vocals and make beats to enter in competitions, with hopes of being the best group. They are really just a group of people who sing a bunch of title songs.
This hilarious film is about a girl name Beca, which is a freshman, who goes off to college at Barden University because her father wants her to have a good education and an experience of college life. Of course, like most teenagers, that was not what she wanted to do. Her thought was to move to Los Angles and work at a record label company, and eventually she would become successful of what she desi...

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...t ready after college. They may sometimes have a hard time finding a job because they are not great at doing interviews. They might be the person who everyone does not like because that person is not doing any team work or tries to be the boss when that person is nothing but an employee just like the others. They my believe everything is a competition.. SO while most students have the change get out there and get involve in the activities in college because have the confidence, courage, and friendship would get you to a lot of places.

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