An Interpretive Analysis Of Philippians 3:11 Essay

An Interpretive Analysis Of Philippians 3:11 Essay

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An Interpretive Analysis Philippians 1:3-11

1. Structural Analysis

Keeping with the basic structure form used by multiple times by Paul in his day, immediately after opening the letter (Giving his name and in this instance also Timothy's, naming to whom the epistle was written for, a general greeting and thanksgiving)Paul gives a prayer for these believers while foreshadowing the themes that will be used later on in the epistle.

Key Center: "I thank my God every time I think of you…" (3)

Paragraph Points
Paragraph 1: "I thank my God…I pray with joy"
Paragraph 2: Being confident
Paragraph 3: Since I have you in my heart
Paragraph 4: This is my prayer

2. Topical Analysis

Master Title: Paul and Timothy's Prayer for the Philippians
I. Paul prays with joy for the church at Philippi because of the common bond they have in Christ.
II. They should have joy and stability in Christ
1. God started something great and will finish it in its entirety
2. Paul loves them in Christ
a. When he is bound in chains
b. When he is defending the faith from oppressors
III. Paul's prayer for the church of Philippi
1. Paul prayed that the Philippians may have more love
2. He prayed for them to have more knowledge and wisdom to help them choose what is blameless and holy in life
3. Prayed that they would have righteousness that comes only through having a personal relationship with Christ

3. Situational Analysis

1: 5 - "because your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now"
1:7 - "…whether I am in chains"

This verse (1:5) shows that Paul and the church at Philippi had a prior history. Other epistles show the church's dedication to ...

... middle of paper ...

...ights and privileges that Paul and others could only dream of. We have never been stoned or put in jail. We must be bold and not lazy like church has become. We must unite and seek God in his word and prayer. When we do this he gives us wisdom and power through his spirit. We can then walk blameless in God's sight with his help and then in turn to our neighbor in our time of suffering like Paul and still be effective in the ministry. And that's when our faith is tested for its real quality!

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