An Global Problem Of Obesity Essay

An Global Problem Of Obesity Essay

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This As obesity become one of the most serious global healthy problems in the world today and it often developed in young peoples. Therefore the problem that we chosen is obesity in young adults! Since almost three-quarters (72 percent) of all adult New Zealander now own or have access to a smartphone (Research New Zealand, 2015), we decided to make a mobil app to young people who face obesity so that they are able to track their daily intake, eat healthy and reduce weight.

Our app provides the most suitable way for young adults to beat the obesity and help them be healthy.

Industry Analysis:
Buyer power: High.
Buyer power is high because they can easily change to similar app. From the Google Play app store (Android Apps on Google Play), we found 3 apps that have same functions. That means buyers can easily switch to other Obesity app, buyer switching cost are low, Buyer power is high.

Supplier power: Low.
We can easily change our suppliers. There are lot of software development companies that we can choose.

Threat of entry: Low
“a survey of 96 mobile app developers found that the average cost to develop an app was $6,453. Another article reports that developing a “small app” can cost $3000 – $8000. More complex apps can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000!”(astegic, 2014) It is not easy to develop a mobil app since it required lot of time, effort and money to ensure that the app is reliable and efficient.

Substitute competition: Low
We have provided an unique and innovative feature of our app are our suggestions to listen to music and our partnership with Spotify. This meets young adults’ expectations and therefore substitute competition is low.

Rivalry among existing competitors: High.
Rivalry am...

... middle of paper ...

To access camera from app so user can scans barcode.
To search the food user entered.

System1: Calculating system
This system can get and read the inputs from user and then determine the operands and operator. For example, a user type in height 180 and weight 60, the system will identify 60 as operand and 180 as operator then do the specific computations such as BMI calculation and percentage calculation. From this, data is transmitted on time and becomes reliable and individual informations which enable user have a basic knowledge of their body and therefore find a suitable way to reduce weight.

System 2: Food Database System
The food database system allows user to scan item’s barcode and select item from food database. From this system, user can get useful nutrition facts of the food they ate and therefore increase their nutrition knowledges and eat healthy.

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