An Argument Of Favour Of Giving Wider Access For Information Of Trilogues

An Argument Of Favour Of Giving Wider Access For Information Of Trilogues

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This is a perfect way, set out by Advocate General Cruz Villalon, of putting the argument in favour of giving wider access to information of trilogues. This view is largely supported amongst many citizens and specialists on the topic such as Jorg Riss or Vicky Marissen. Both of them were also invited by Emily O’Reilly to discuss the trilogue practice. As Riss suggests, the EU process of readings gives some space for publicity and scrutiny which is needed, a public process so people outside Brussels have a chance to get active and become aware but this is not as apparent in trilogues, which shorten this process, so essentially the increased number of 1st reading agreements due to trilogues becomes a problem because secrecy is a threat to democracy and accountability. He points out that we should be able to know where the decisions and positions come from, the positions of each member state. He concludes that the major tension is that the EU likes making things fast but against the public interest of laws being checked correctly . By contrast, Marissen’s approach is not as aristarchia...

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