An Analysis Of Bruce Miroff 's ' The Presidential Spectacle ' Essay

An Analysis Of Bruce Miroff 's ' The Presidential Spectacle ' Essay

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In this article Bruce Miroff explains what a presidential spectacle is and how it relates to the government of the United States and its presidents. A spectacle is a kind of symbolic event, one in which particular details stand for broader and deeper meanings. At spectacle also presents intriguing and often dominating characters not in static poses but through actions that establish their public identities. A spectacle does not permit the audience to interrupt the action and redirect its meaning. The most distinctive characteristic of a spectacle is that the actions that constitute it are meaningful not for what they achieve but for what they signify. What is important is that they be understandable and impressive to the spectators. The mass media focus more on their coverage on presidents than any other issue or institution in American life, the media keep the presidents in front of the camera giving them time to show their leadership qualities. The president must attempt to satisfy the public with benefits, such as economic growth. Presidents then turn to the gestures of the spectacles to satisfy their audience and interests.
Roland Barthes makes an analogy about how presidential spectacles match with boxing and professional wrestling. It is really odd to make a comparison about this three, but there is a lot to say about it. He says that professional wrestling is completely different than boxing by seeing professional wrestling as a spectacle where you know what the result is going to be because the outcome is preordained. Professional wrestling have the evil character threatening the good character and he beats him until the point the good character rises up to have his revenge and win the match. In the other hand boxing is ...

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...nment. Dick Morris was President Clinton image consultant. He was responsible for turning a moribund presidency after 1994 to a successful one in 1996. Personality and political talent made Bill Clinton the master of postmodern spectacle.
The most revealing spectacle on Bush presidency was his speech on stem-cell research on August 9, 2001. In this speech he would permit tax dollars to be used for research on existing stem-cell lines. Bush decision meant compassionate conservatism for the public. Bush presidency took a downturn in the month of September because of the economic problems the country was facing. Bush received completely disapproval from the people after the September 11 attack facing a crisis for which none of its previous images and gestures seemed particularly appropriate. The central spectacle on Bush presidency was his imagery of good versus evil.

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